Cyril is responsible for setting the company’s strategic business direction and positioning ZimAvian into the poultry breeder of choice in Zimbabwe. Born and raised in Harare, Cyril graduated from Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts, and spent several years afterwards working in health care management. As a child, he spent many school holidays at his grandparents’ farm. Those early years inspired his life-long interest in agriculture, a passion he is putting to work through ZimAvian. Noticing the recurring shortages of day-old chicks across Zimbabwe, he set out to establish a business that would operate at the highest level of quality and provide much-needed poultry products to the Zimbabwean market. He is glad to have the opportunity to invest his energy and passion into this venture that is positively benefitting his fellow Zimbabweans and meeting a critical need in the Zimbabwean poultry market.

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